12 Year Old and Friend Searched by Pinellas Officers While Just Playing Around and Having Fun


  • 12 year old and friend playing around and just having fun in the grass
  • Pinellas Sheriff’s office deputy (J.Biandudi) and fellow officer (Wyle) approach the young’uns, while uniformed and armed, and ask, “can I search you?”
  • The young’uns “consent” because in the past when they said “no” they were searched anyway.

LEGAL OPINION:    F.C. v. State (appellate court reversed the ruling denying the motion to suppress illegal search)


Judge Patrice W. Moore denies motion (court not presented with legal authority) but is “offended….very offended.”  Judge Moore tells the boys:

“What you guys need to know from now on, the answer is not just no, but if you curse, put the hell in front of it and say no to them about that because it is offensive when you’re just playing and it’s obvious that you’re just playing.”

Is our Sheriff’s office now searching young children as they play in Pinellas County?  Are deputies searching anyways after legally being told, “no” you cannot search me?


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