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Florida Politics: Sean Shaw to town hall audience: ‘Hold me accountable’

Sean Shaw to town hall audience: ‘Hold me accountable’

If you have been following Florida Representative Shaw thus far, you can sense that he is a political rising star.  I like him.  And if he genuinely means, “Hold me accountable”, he just struck political gold.  Speaking of public official accountability.  Florida you judge has been making inquiries to the offices of the Hillsborough County State Attorney and Public Defender on an important issue some local attorneys and community members are interested in related to taxpayer/public policy issues.  The Hillsborough County State Attorney’s office has been responsive to this and other recent inquiries presented by this blogger.  Kudos to Rena Frazier, State Attorney Communications Director, and Andrew Warren for his professionalism, temperament, and responsiveness to this blogger even though we have not seen eye to eye on some issues in the past.  The Public Defender’s office has not responded to recent inquiries that would benefit the electorate.  A community member recently challenged this blogger and asked me why I was following accountability with the State Attorney but not with the Public Defender for the sake of “we the people”.  In response to this challenge, FYJ, will in the near future similarly upload information related to accountability on the PD, Holt Her  Stay tuned…




Does the Hillsborough Public Defender Office have a Motions Quota?

Several attorneys have contacted this blogger recently to advise that there exists a Motions Quota policy within the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s office.  Is there such a policy where assistant public defenders are to file a certain number of motions per month/per year?  One attorney (confidential source) told this blogger that he was thankfully gone from the office before this policy was instituted.  Another attorney advised that this policy was a factor in her resignation from the office. If there is such a policy, several serious questions are raised.  Should the Hillsborough County Public Defender wish to address this matter , Florida You Judge will immediately update this post with an office statement/response.  Story developing…


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Christopher Cano Inquiry: Is Mayor Buckhorn bucking the Democratic Party for the GOP? How does this bode for his Democratic Allies?


Interesting exchange in the commentary section of Cano’s post.  Click the FB icon in Cano’s post to be directed to the actual post.


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