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Mayor Bob Buckhorn dishonorably attacks David Straz who Buckhorn paid tribute and honor to in times past for enormous contributions to Tampa

Today the Tampa Bay Times headlined, “Bob Buckhorn irked at David Straz flyer that reads like a mayoral endorsement”

The article published a quote from Bob Buckhorn included in a Straz campaign flyer:

“Mr. Straz has long held Tampa’s interests in his heart. …His years of budget and banking experience will be invaluable in helping me navigate the uncertain economic realities that we’ll face,”

Buckhorn said the inclusion of that quote in the mailer is “inappropriate”and that he “did not remember” saying that.  Hey, Bob maybe you should try out the regularly advertised product PREVAGEN.  The product claims to “improve memory, support healthy brain function, sharper mind, and clearer thinking.”

Lest you “really” have forgotten, here is an archived article from the Tampa Bay Times (formerly the St. Petersburg Times) quoting YOU saying the following about David Straz upon paying him tribute for his philanthropic contributions to the city of Tampa. Straz has made contributions to the University of Tampa, Tampa General Hospital, and the well known performing arts center, Straz Center.

This is your QUOTE from Tampa Bay Times in 2011: “This is a man whose generosity knows no bounds.  He just wants to help, period.”  “This is the key to the city.  More importantly, it’s the key to our hearts.”  The article then goes on to say, “After being elected in March, Buckhorn asked Straz, a retired banker for advice on closing a multimillion-dollar gap in the city’s budget.  But the mayor was only the latest Tampa leader to turn to Straz for help.”

Do you remember that Bob?  Or was the Tampa Bay Times quoting something that you’ll now claim not to remember.  On matters of propriety, do you think that maybe it is you who is being inappropriate in the manner that you now attack a man who you spoke so glowingly about, asked his advice of as Mayor on budgetary matters to help the city of Tampa, who has given so much, and who you as a result gave the keys of the city and “opened your heart” to?


Here is the PRESS RELEASE that Buckhorn released in 2011 with the quote that he now claims to have forgotten that appears in Straz’s campaign flyer and was republished in Tampa Bay Times’ article referenced above and dated February 26, 2018.

Bob Buckhorn 2011 Press Release Praising David Straz



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