Is Holt a Hypocrite?: Democratic Hillsborough Public Defender, Julianne Holt, Endorsed Republican Incumbent, against Democratic Progressive Reformer, Andrew Warren (Read Article)










* Some of the comments in reaction to Dan Sullivan’s article (can be read in the comments section area of article), “Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren joins other prosecutors in protesting Jeff Sessions’ ‘tough-on-crime’ policy”-

Robert Heyman: “what a shock, State Attorney Warren and his compadre Ms Ayala are the only 2 prosecutors in Florida to attach themselves to this hollow missive that the AG will ignore. Both he and Ms Ayala will be one term wonders”

Eamon deValera:  “Who cares.  Hillsborough shouldn’t have elected a wimpy State Attorney.   Sessions is the US AG, he has absolutely nothing to do with any case prosecuted in Hillsborough county.   The new wuss should shut up and get back to work so we can vote him, and his compadre in Orlando who won’t execute cop killers out of jobs.”

Maxmo: What did you think the job was? If you are not going to prosecute  crime the get another job.    LA, NYC and DC no kidding. LMAO.

James Dee: Warren’s election was a big mistake.

mlkra1:  “Warren sought to position himself as a progressive reformer” – In plain English he is snowflake who can’t even distinguish what public restroom to use.”

Jennifer Jones: “Stop filling for profit prisons up with low level offenders.  Let’s keep the doors open for the truly violent and dangerous offenders among us.  I don’t want to waste my tax dollars on locking up some pot head who does no harm.”

Dale Gross: Brain-dead Republicans won’t like this

Lamar_Fandango: “When a prosecutor says the laws are too tough, that usually means that the laws were too tough 10 revisions ago, and now they are white hot oppression tough. But hey, I see that smokinghookahs was able to work in “George Soros”, so he must be right. (We would have also accepted “Nancy Pelosi” or “Benghazi”)”

smokinghookahs:  “Warren is another George Soros lotion boy.  He’s gone in four years.”










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