A Timely Message from Yvonne Fry

Yvonne Fry posted this on FB this morning and I was really moved as I read it and wanted to share with FYJ readers.  Yvonne is an amazing person, beautiful, inside and out.  Not a surprise that this is a reflection of her heart.  Everyone should take heed to this timely message.


Yvonne Fry
Yvonne Fry

Praying for our country this morning.

We are broken in so many ways and yet our strongest asset remains our people who I believe are smart, resourceful and yearn for something more. Something better.

The ugly drama provides a lot of sizzle but we need and want substance. We want to trust and believe our leaders are serving because their heart bleeds for our country and its citizens not for their own gain.

We have to be skeptical on all sides at this point but truly want a strong, reliable guiding hand to look to.

As a young girl, I fell in love with my country, with politics and with the process because of Ronald Reagan.  He lifted up my young, innocent eyes and made me truly believe in all that’s possible for America.  And that a lot of responsibility for that fell on me and my fellow citizens.

However our election turns out, this time marks such a watershed moment for our country. I look beyond that and wonder how do we ever come together as a country?

The mean spiritedness and divisiveness is unprecedented.  Whichever candidate wins, it looks like both sides dig in further instead of looking to collaborate and serve all citizens. We have a leadership vacuum while we have personality overload.

Join me no matter what your political position in supporting our country first. Our future for our kids and grandkids.

I believe that the most impactful political activity happens locally which can have a powerful effect nationally.  Work hard for your candidates and issues you feel strongly about but keep in mind the long term effects on our country overall.

We need dialogue and a plan to actually work across the aisle for the very real issues affecting middle America.  Neither side can or should do it alone.

Many have heard me say that there is far more that unites us than what divides us.  I choose to focus on those issues that we can make a difference on together. United.


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