Is State Attorney Candidate Andrew Warren Exploiting a Child Sex Case for Political Gain?

Is State Attorney Candidate Andrew Warren Exploiting a Child Sex Case for Political Gain?


This press release was issued in response to Warren’s recent allegations after a recent candidate forum between him and current incumbent Mark Ober. Warren recently alleged that Ober “criticized” a child victim in a child sex case that Ober is currently prosecuting.  The defendant in the case has been charged with sixteen counts and faces a maximum of 230 years if found guilty.  Criminal cases that are pending should not be tried in the public by media accounts but by a jury of a defendant’s peers who are able to review admissible evidence in the case.  Stephen Romine, the defendant’s attorney reacted in a recent article to Warren’s apparent attempt to politicize this sensitive case,  “The attempt to sensationalize this case for political gain is completely inappropriate,” Romine said, “and to make allegations that are untrue is reckless.”

Has Warren demonstrated a pattern of recklessness in making allegations that are untrue?

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Florida Today’s editorial board on candidate Andrew Warren who is running to be Hillsborough County’s next State Attorney in 2016:  “Thumbs down” and his mess of a prosecution. Read Story here.  According to the editorial piece, one of two scenarios in the federal case Andrew Warren prosecuted and left unfinished to run for office, “Either some disorganized feds failed to get their man. Or they negligently strung along an innocent defendant who suffered great expense and public scorn.”

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Andrew Warren

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