Attorney Donald Harrison Weighs In On Welfare Dismissal Case

Tampa Welfare Case Dismissal

This week I posted about Tampa welfare case dismissalAttorney Donald Harrison weighed in:

7 CFR § 274.7 Benefit redemption by eligible households.
(a) Eligible food. Program benefits may be used only by the household, or other persons the household selects, TO PURCHASE ELIGIBLE FOOD FOR THE HOUSEHOLD, which includes, for certain households, the purchase of prepared meals, and for other households residing in certain designated areas of Alaska, the purchase of hunting and fishing equipment with benefits.
Poor people apply for benefits to assist in the cost of food for the household. The amount of benefits are based on the household size and the household income. There is no indication that Houston purchased these goods for the benefit of the children who were the designated benefactors. There is no indication who was taking care of the food needs of these children when the resources were spent at Walmart and Publix by Houston. Not knowing I could not use the food stamp (snap) benefits of children for my own pleasure is not an excuse.  This is a disgrace and I can not imagine this ruling will not be appealed.

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