Call to Citizens: Should Curtis Shannon be Prosecuted?

by Haydee Oropesa

Consider the following flyer created by Fair Dui:

See this bit of advice applied by an individual in Miami in the following video (Caveat: FairDui’s Flyer page, specifies when an individual should consider following this practice, here is link:

Now Consider Curtis Shannon refusing to open his door after a traffic stop, Shannon did more than individual in video above, he opened his window slightly to offer license and registrationShould he be prosecuted?  Check out Video below.

Curtis Shannon was arrested for “obstructing without violence” and his next court date is 9/16/2014 before Judge John Carballo, stay tunned…..


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1 thought on “Call to Citizens: Should Curtis Shannon be Prosecuted?

  1. Citizens are allowed to “resist” and or “obstruct” an illegal arrest so long as it is done without violence which is undisputed here. Therefore, I don’t think that he should be prosecuted, especially since he was doing nothing wrong and could have been given the citation without all this mess. While there is probably some element of racial motivation involved, I am going to assume, for the sake of argument, that there was not. It appears that he did everything the officer told him to do, EXCEPT get out of the vehicle. Now, that issue might be a problem under Pennsylvania v. Mimms, which would appear to allow an officer to “order” one out of the vehicle during a traffic stop. Certainly the dissent in that 6-3 decision makes more sense and the case should probably be reexamined. That all said, to answer your question, no he should not be prosecuted, even if the officers MIGHT have authority to make him exit the vehicle there was no obstruction and I’m sure 6 fellow citizens of Pinellas county would agree.

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