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Is Dwight Dudley Doing a DUKE? Dudley is running for Pinellas County Judge

Is Judicial Candidate Dwight Dudley offering to Return Campaign Contributions if they were Intended for Dudley to run for another Legislative Term?

On April 25, 2016, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Dwight Dudley (who first ran for a Florida house seat in 2012 as a Democrat promising voters he would do legislative battle with Duke Energy for receiving taxpayer money for nuclear plants that were never built) was considering running for a county judge position.  Dudley has given up on that legislative battle with Duke and opted to forgo running for two more terms (Florida house representatives term limited after 4 terms) and instead has chosen to run for a taxpayer funded position that yields a way higher salary.  Florida House Rep salary (29K).  What Dudley would be paid by taxpayers as a county Judge (138K).

    “If he won a judgeship, his time on state payrolls would be combined with his judge’s salary to provide a substantial pension.”  Tampa Bay Times, “Dwight Dudley eyeing judgeship as he leaves Florida House”

Dudley is it pension or principal?  Was Dudley naïve in really expecting to accomplish his goal in just two  (2 year) terms against the mammoth Duke Energy?  Or did Dudley just gin up the voters and amp them up on a platform of “duking it out with Duke” to possibly get name recognition to situate himself for the higher paying tax payer post of County Judge?  I wonder.  Florida You Judge has asked Dudley to participate in an online segment to address Pinellas voters about his judicial candidacy and Dudley has declined stating, “it doesn’t benefit me.”  Is it because Dudley wishes to avoid some uncomfortable questions?  It is not supposed to benefit Dudley, addressing voters about why they should vote for Dudley is supposed to benefit the voters.

But as voters have become accustomed to, it’s not about we the “people’ it’s  usually about politics and political expediency.  Yesterday Florida You Judge asked Dudley if the contributors to his current campaign fund, who have been donating since early last year (2015) intended the contributions for Dudley to go towards a run for another term in the house to continue his legislative “battle.”  Dudley, not surprisingly, has not answered the inquiry.

Dwight, are you offering to return the bulk of these contributions to donors who may have intended the money to go to a house seat run and not a judge seat?  Because if the donors intended the money to go towards a house seat campaign and you don’t return the money, it would be like Duke not returning money to taxpayers for failing to use it for its intended use, building a nuclear plant.




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