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Is Mitch Perry from St Peters Blog (SPB) going to publish the Positive Email Communications by the Mom & State Attorney in the Controversial Teenager Sex Case?

Last week St Peters Blog reporter Mitch Perry posted a letter by a teenage victim in a sex case which Hillsborough state attorney candidate Andrew Warren has seemingly exploited during a heated campaign race.  Is this letter Perry posted on SPB believable?  Is it fathomable that an assistant state attorney would ask a teenage victim in a sex case whether she “enjoyed it”?  Is this a Warren campaign hit job?  Read teenager letter here SPB post.

Below is a press release from the State Attorney’s office in response to the letter by the teenager.  The press release includes positive email communications between the teenager’s mother and the state attorney’s office (suspiciously contrary to what Mitch Perry’s post would possibly have one believe) before Warren focused attention on the case to attack his respected opponent.


If Warren became state attorney, will he use the media on cases he has issues with while they are pending and thereby risk tainting a prospective jury and due process?  Pending cases should be tried in a court of law not the media.  Does Warren agree with this proposition?  If Warren does agree, is he making just this one exception in order to increase his chances of winning political office?

Florida You Judge!


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