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Judge Bill Burgess’ Humorous Submission for Decorating the Courthouse on Thanksgiving


Judge William Webb: Instead of Prison for Pot Charge, Gives Woman a Chance to Do Something Positive

Tampa Bay Times: “Judge softens stance on woman who smoked marijuana for pain, ordering probation instead of prison” Claire McNeil


Pasco Judge William Webb: Considering Sentence of Prison for Pot Charge

TBT – Weston Pippen: Threat of prison looms for woman who eased chronic pain with marijuana 


Hillsborough County Judicial Survey for 2015

I have been approached by attorneys in Tampa urging me to also run a Hillsborough County Judicial Survey.  One Tampa attorney even offered to donate the cost of the survey, I couldn’t turn down that offer.  Therefore, in 2015, the Committee Promoting Judicial Excellence, will be conducting surveys for both the 6th and 13th Circuits of Florida.  The methodology of the 2014 6th Circuit Judicial Survey and results can be read here.  Our committee will once again employ the services of Ballot Box Online  to run the surveys as their survey system ensures complete encryption.  Polling officers selected to receive the results can only gain access to overall results in the individual rating categories and are unable to discern how individual attorneys voted.  Two Tampa attorneys have joined the committee in order to provide input and participate in the annual organization and preparation of the survey.

Hillsborough prosecutors and assistant public defenders are invited to participate in the survey as well as private attorneys that practice in the 13th Circuit.  The survey will include judges in the criminal and civil divisions.  If you would like to receive an email ballot please call 800-774-9883 to have your email included in the mail list or email, info@floridayoujudge.com.



Judge Burgess Tweets about 6th Circuit Judicial Survey

by Haydee Oropesa

Ballots for Florida’s 6th Circuit Judicial Survey have gone out.  Judges serving Pinellas and Pasco counties will be rated by attorneys practicing in these counties on 5 categories.  The categories are: Judicial Demeanor, Preparation for Motions and Hearings, Punctuality and Diligence, Freedom from Bias/Fairness to Both Sides, and Application of the Law. The rating scale is from 1-5 with 1 being poor and 5 being excellent.  This year attorneys will also be given the opportunity as part of the survey to provide positive feedback to our judges.  The results will be released in about a week.  There has not been a judicial survey conducted for the 6th Circuit for approximately 14 years.  The newly created Association of Lawyers Promoting Judicial Excellence (ALPJE) hopes to annually conduct this survey.  ALPJE is non-partisan and will be all inclusive.  Please visit ALPJE.com in the near future to get more detailed information and email info@alpje.com to be included on its mailing list.

Judge Bill Burgess tweeted recently about the upcoming survey.  Judge Burgess was elected to the bench in 2012 and formerly served as a prosecutor for Pinellas County.  Judge Burgess is also the author of West’s Florida Sentencing practice manual.  The 2013-2014 (Video Promo) edition is now available, whoa has the feel like you’re getting the book thrown at you.  Reaction?  FloridaYouJudge!

Judge Bill BurgessJudge Burgess Tweets



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