Coming Soon: Discussion with John Baeza on Gypsy Cops and the Tamir Rice Case

Push to keep “gypsy cops” with questionable pasts off the streets

Tamir Rice
Tamir Rice

The Shooting of Tamir Rice

Officers Involved(Rice Case):

Timothy Loehmann:

“Loehmann, the man who fired the shots that killed Rice, joined Cleveland’s police force in March 2014. In 2012, he had spent five months with the police department in Independence, about 13 miles (21 km) south of Cleveland, with four of those months spent in the police academy.

In a memo to Independence’s human resources manager, released by the city in the aftermath of the shooting, Independence deputy police chief Jim Polak wrote that Loehmann had resigned rather than face certain termination due to concerns that he lacked the emotional stability to be a police officer. Polak said that Loehmann was unable to follow “basic functions as instructed”. He specifically cited a “dangerous loss of composure” that occurred in a weapons training exercise, during which Loehmann’s weapons handling was “dismal” and he became visibly “distracted and weepy” as a result of relationship problems. The memo concluded, “Individually, these events would not be considered major situations, but when taken together they show a pattern of a lack of maturity, indiscretion and not following instructions, I do not believe time, nor training, will be able to change or correct these deficiencies.” It was subsequently revealed that Cleveland police officials never reviewed Loehmann’s personnel file from Independence prior to hiring him.”

Frank Garmback:

“Garmback, who was driving the police cruiser, has been a police officer in Cleveland since 2008. In 2014, the City of Cleveland paid US$100,000 to settle an excessive force lawsuit brought against him by a local woman; according to her lawsuit, Garmback “rushed and placed her in a chokehold, tackled her to the ground, twisted her wrist and began hitting her body” and “such reckless, wanton and willful excessive use of force proximately caused bodily injury”. The woman had called the police to report a car blocking her driveway.[37] The settlement does not appear in Garmback’s personnel file.”  Wikipedia


John Baeza
John Baeza

Rachel Maddow highlights Ron and Rand’s security guard, John Baeza

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