Correction: Death Penalty Defendant’s , Michael Keetly’s, Parents Paid 194,384 for private lawyers

This story is developing and there are numerous questions that Florida You Judge will be raising as this case represents a matter of great public importance.  On Saturday Florida You Judge linked to TBT reporter Dan Sullivan’s article:

Awaiting trial six years in Ruskin murders, ice cream man finds himself short a lawyer

In its brief post, Florida You Judge, based on its reading of the original unedited TBT article, posted that Keetly’s parents had gone broke and their retirement savings drained in the amount of $119,384 when in fact the total amount was $194,384.  Today Florida You Judge learned that the TBT article had been corrected to include the correct total.  Tampa Bay made the correction after its original article publication:

“In November 2014, Goudie asked a judge to declare Keetley indigent to get help with legal expenses. His parents had gone broke trying to defend their son. They had paid Carr $119,384 in fees, Goudie wrote, and $75,000 to her. A judge ordered the state to pay future costs.”


One of the many issues related to this issue is why Andrew Warren is seeking the death penalty on Keetly versus other recent cases where Warren has opted out of seeking death?    Please visit Saturday’s post to read on the other cases Warren has decided not to pursue death.  The only distinction so far that can I can see is that Keetly is a Caucasian male and in the other cases the defendants are Hispanic and Black.  On Saturday, Florida You Judge, wrote an email to Hillsborough’s newly elected State Attorney to inquire.  Here is the email that has not been responded to as of yet:

“Good morning Mr. Warren and Ms. Frazier:
I am interested in understanding your office’s rationale/criteria for its decision in forgoing
the death sentence in some recent cases versus a case covered in the Tampa Bay Times yesterday, that of Michael Keetly.  Thanks in advance for your attention to my inquiry and have a great weekend.”

Florida You Judge also has a call in to Judge Samantha Ward’s office to make inquiry on the cited law relied upon to close the hearing from the public and media that TBT’s article discusses.

Stay tuned…this story is chock full of issues important to the public and society at large.

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