December 2016 (2nd DCA Appeal Opinions) for 6th and 13th Florida Circuits

PINELLAS/PASCO (6th Circuit)

Judge Patrice W. Moore, Affirmed, in part, Reversed, in part, and remanded., S.A.W v. State of Florida

Judge Philip J. Federico, Affirmed; conflict certified., Baxter v. State of Florida

Judge Lynn Tepper, Reversed and remanded, Bahl v. Bahl

Judge Thomas M. Minkoff, Affirmed,  Newton v. Caterpillar Financial Services

Judge Philip J. FedericoAffirmed in part, reversed in part, and remanded, Sloppy v. State of Florida

HILLSBOROUGH (13th Circuit)

Judge Lisa D. Campbell , AffirmedEdwards v. State of Florida

Judge Paul H. Huey, Affirmed in part; Reversed in part; dismissed in part; remanded., SP HEALTHCARE HOLDINGS v. SURGERY CENTER HOLDINGS

Judge Manuel A. Lopez, Affirmed in part, Reversed in part, and remanded with instructions. A.J.R. v. State of Florida

Judge Steven Scott Stephens, Affirmed, Huff v. State

Judge Emmett Lamar Battles, Affirmed, Dunk v. State

Judge Laurel M. Lee, Affirmed in part, Reversed in part, and remanded, Cranney v. Cranney

Judges Emmett Lamar Battles and  Bernard C. Silver, Judges, Affirmed in part; dismissed in part, Terrazas v. Grow Financial Federal

Judge Emily A. Peacock, Reversed and remanded, A.L. v. Department of Children and Families

Judge Vivian T. Corvo, Affirmed in part, Reversed in part, and remanded for resentencing, McDonald v. State of Florida

Judge Tracy Sheehan, Affirmed in part and dismissed in part, Pratt v. Pratt

Judge Cheryl Thomas, Writ of Cert granted, Shindorf v. Bell

Judge Nick Nazaretian, Affirmed but remanded, Liebrecht v. Liebrecht


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