Democrat Public Defender Julianne Holt rehires previous second in command of her office after resignation & accusation of sexually groping a young female lawyer (Email Inquiry to Holt’s Office)

Mr. Brancato,

I am in the process of preparing a blog post on several issues related to the DWLS issue beginning from last summer when I contacted your office and made various inquiries and will culminate with the recent public forum which Attorney Registrato attended as Ms. Holt’s spokesperson. During the public forum, that I helped organize to help poor persons with driver’s license suspensions, while Mr. Registrato began to seemingly attempt to misinform those present and conduct PR for Holt (watch video here). I approached Mr. Registrato and advised that I would be blogging about his misinformation and he motioned with his hand to me dismissively as if to say, get lost. It was then that I vaguely recalled Mr. Registrato’s name and googled it on my phone as Mr. Registrato was walking away and confirmed that he was the attorney that Ms. Holt accepted the resignation of in 1998 (read article here) after Ms. Holt conducted an investigation of an allegation that Mr. Registrato had inserted his tongue in a young female attorney’s ear, grabbed her breasts, and her buttocks. I approached Mr. Registrato, showed him my phone with the article, and said “hey this is you isn’t it?

I would like to inquire about a quote from Mr. Registrato he wrote on Oct 9, 2016 on his blog Alive Tampa Bay discussing Trump supporter/voter blindness:

See, he’s a monster, plain and simple. Here’s another one: tigers don’t change stripes.
People who have hated Trump from the beginning are going around today saying, Huh? What’s everybody so shocked about? We’ve always known the guy was a total and complete jerk who had no respect for anything except himself. This last thing about grabbing woman’s private parts comes as no surprise to us. So how come you didn’t figure it out a long time ago? (Excerpt of “Love is Blind” by Joe Registrato)

As Bureau Chief of the Office (Registrato’s title prior to the tongue in ear,breast, butt allegation) I am interested in hearing your office’s response to this inquiry.
As an Assistant Public Defender, does Registrato not believe that some defendants have the ability to change their stripes and respond positively to rehabilitation and change their lives for the better when some have made bad choices? Is Registrato able to present mitigation / advocate for rehabilitation before courts on behalf of indigent clients or does he believe that “tigers do not change stripes” ?

I will post this email on the blog and will certainly include any response your office may have. Have a great day and make it count!


photo source: TBO


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