Don’t Assert Your 4th Amendment Right with Largo Police Department

by Haydee Oropesa

Rivera-Molina Injury

Recently a young woman called 911 to report a battery against herself and her mother by her 14 year old sister.  Two Largo Police officers arrived on the scene, a male and female officer.  As the mother (battery victim) began to explain to the male officer why the 911 call had been made, the female officer worked her way through the home and searched inside the rooms.  When the mother asked why the female officer was searching her bedroom, the male officer became annoyed and said she should not “worry” about it because the female officer was in her “lawful authority” of searching the home.

When the mother continued to press the issue concerning the search, the male officer said, “hey ma’am, I’ll be happy to leave and then you can deal with this s… yourself.”  This mother eventually gets arrested, please see video below.  It appears that if you inquire about your 4th amendment right under our US Constitution, after you call 911 to summon those entrusted to “protect and serve,” you are not entitled to taxpayer funded police services.





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