Driving While License is Suspended Cases causing HTO Status In Hillsborough County

If you have been classified a Habitual Traffic Offender (“HTO”) in Florida (a 5 year revocation that is an immensely undue hardship) and one of the (3 within 5 years) qualifying offenses is a criminal “with knowledge” driving while license is suspended (“DWLS’), please note that you may possibly move to vacate it.  If you successfully move to vacate a prior DWLS (one of the 3 within 5 years creating your HTO status, assuming that is the only basis of suspension) then you will regain your license privilege.  If you are in Hillsborough County and are seeking to vacate a prior DWLS in order to remove an HTO status, please take note of the following:

THE HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY STATE ATTORNEY’S OFFICE (ANDREW WARREN) CURRENT MODE OF OPERATION as it pertains to this legal matter (on cases older than 2 years) is the following:

  • If your DWLS is older than 2 years a Hillsborough County prosecutor can raise a legal rule in order to possibly bar you from successfully vacating the case that is in the way of allowing you to regain your driving privilege.

  • HOWEVER, a Hillsborough County prosecutor can also “discretionarily” not raise the 2 year time bar rule and decide not to object on some cases.  Which cases benefit from this discretion is not clear as there is no standard that is currently being articulated to serve as a guide.

  • IF YOU or someone you know has a related HTO issue and would like Florida You Judge.com to know about it, please call 800-774-9883.

  • Andrew Warren will be extended an invite to discuss the same so that the public will become enlightened on this issue.




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