Year Term Expires for Judges in 6th Circuit (Pinellas and Pasco Counties) of Florida



Judge John Carballo

Judge Holly Grissinger

Judge Jack Helinger

Judge Kathleen Hessinger

Judge Dorothy Vaccaro


Judge Michael Andrews

Judge Sherwood Coleman

Judge Thomas Freeman

Judge Thomas McGrady

Judge Keith Meyer

Judge Patrice Moore

Judge Patricia Ann Muscarella

Judge Cynthia Newton

Judge Peter Ramsberger

Judge Debra Roberts

Judge Kimberly Todd


Judge William H. Burgess


Judge Susan Bedinghaus

Judge Joseph A. Bulone

Judge Kim Campbell

Judge Jack Day

Judge Dee Anna Farnell

Judge Phillip Federico

Judge Walt Fullerton

Judge Frank Grey

Judge Chris Helinger

Judge Donald Horrox

Judge Lorraine Kelly

Judge Nancy Moate Ley

Judge Cathy McKyton

Judge Myra Scott McNary

Judge Thomas H. Minkoff

Judge William Overton

Judge Frank Quesada

Judge Thomas M. Ramsberger

Judge Marc H. Salton

Judge William G. Sestak

Judge Pat Siracusa

Judge Lynn Tepper

Judge Candy Vandercar

Judge Anne Wansboro

Judge William Webb

Judge Amy M. Williams


Judge Linda R. Allan

Judge Linda Babb

Judge John Carassas

Judge Thane Covert

Judge Shawn Crane

Judge Daniel Diskey

Judge Robert Dittmer

Judge Paul Firmani

Judge Susan Gardner

Judge Mary Handsel

Judge Edwin Jagger

Judge George M. Jirotka

Judge James Pierce

Judge Alicia Polk

Judge Anthony Rondolino

Judge Jack St. Arnold

Judge Susan St. John

Judge John Schaefer

Judge Walter L. Schafer

Judge Mark I. Shames

Judge Kimberly Sharpe

Judge James R. Stearns


Judge Paul Levine


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