Email Inquiry to State Attorney Andrew Warren Regarding Juvenile Justice Reform

Mr. Warren,

I will be publishing/speaking about this inquiry online with any response that your office you may have.


Mr. Warren I’d like to inquire about what your office is currently doing to collect data on the number of direct files in regards to minority youth versus their white counterparts. Yesterday you tweeted, after having attended a forum hosted by the American Bar Association on juvenile justice reform, and you indicated that your office is making strides in fixing the local broken system thereby alluding that you inherited problems in this area upon taking office. I’d like to know, in order to possibly detect and correct any racial disparity, what internal data gathering system has your office created, if any, to establish a baseline on the numbers of minority children being direct filed as adults prior to your administration so that there can be a meaningful comparison with those numbers and the numbers gathered under your office currently and in the future to continually gauge/compare stats?

Haydee Oropesa

Author: admin