The Countdown for Answers on how Dusharn Weems Died

Email to Chief Dugan & Mayor Buckhorn: The Countdown for Answers on Dusharn Weems Begins


Email sent to Mayor Bob Buckhorn and Chief Brian Dugan sent on November 29, 2017, Subject Titled, “Today the Count Down for Dusharn Weems Begins”

Good afternoon Mayor Buckhorn and Chief Dugan,

Congratulations to you and Chief Dugan for the arrest made of the alleged serial killer of Seminole Heights. Yesterday, during the evening press conference announcement of the celebratory arrest, mention was made about day 51 marking the arrest. Chief Dugan stated that every day when he met with those working towards the capture of the killer the day would begin with his pronouncement of what # day law enforcement were at in their efforts at the capture of the killer. It is interesting that in less than 24 hours significant pieces of evidence supporting this individual’s involvement to these unfortunate crimes have been shared with the media, “Cellphone tracking, shell casings place alleged Tampa serial killer at shooting locations: Police“, presumably by your office and/or Tampa Police Department (“TPD”). Day 51 marked the day of an arrest which took multiple agencies assisting TPD as the mission to apprehend the cloaked killer, only seen through grainy footage, was an apparent real investigative head-scratcher.

Today, I will start marking online the daily countdown of your respective offices letting the community finally know in detail what happened to Dusharn Weems. Since we are dealing with numbers and countdowns, today marks day 40 in Dusharn’s case. Interestingly, unlike in Dusharn’s case, it took less than 24 hours of the alleged serial killer’s arrest for mention of very significant evidence in the case to the media. In contrast, it took your office and TPD, 33 days to alert the media and community about Dusharn and only with brief mention without a detailed account or release of evidence and only after questionable circumstances which the public can read more about at, “Was there a Notice Delay by Tampa Police to the Media and the Community about DUSHARN WEEMS?” Another obvious contrast is that Dusharn Weems’ is not a head-scratcher which requires the assistance of multiple agencies, the poring over of 5,000 tips, and the offering of 100K reward to a tip leading to an arrest. TPD officers were directly involved and know what happened. How long will it take for all the evidence to be released and a detailed account told about what exactly happened to Dusharn? How long will it take your agency/office to release any and all evidence related to Dusharn’s case so his family and loved ones can finally find closure and peace about what happened to him? How long till we know how Dusharn died? That will be the daily countdown question and I will not rest until we get those answers.

Today marks DAY 40 that a TPD patrol car struck Dusharn Weems which resulted in him immediately being placed on life support until his eventual and tragic death on October 24, 2017 at approximately 4:00a.m. Mayor Buckhorn, Dusharn Weems’ family and loved ones wish to be able to equally celebrate in the manner that you celebrated last night about finally getting answers when you announced that “Tonight, goodness has won. Tonight in the battle between darkness and light, light has won.” You are a father and so I’m sure you can certainly and deeply understand that. You cannot give Dusharn his life back. You cannot give his baby girl back her daddy. You can however do the righteous thing in seeing that justice/truth is rendered, not delayed, and timely give Dusharn’s family the complete truth. Goodness and triumph for Dusharn’s family and loved ones will be accomplished when they know exactly what happened to Dusharn Jeremy Weems.

Haydee Oropesa

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