Florida House Strengthens its Prison Reform Bill

Recently Florida You Judge posted:

Florida’s DOC abuses: Tallahassee, we have a problem

The post mentioned the new employee requirement of signing a “confidentiality agreement” which would prohibit mention of any DOC abuses, regardless if it is deemed public information.  This DOC policy is alarming especially after the Miami Herald ran a series of stories on DOC abuses.  The post also mentioned that the Florida House had rejected an independent prison oversight as part of its prison reform bill.  Incredible in light of the exposed abuses.  Florida’s Senate prison reform bill includes independent oversight.    On April 3, 2015 Tampa Bay Times reported, “Florida prison employees with Klan ties arrested in murder plot” .  News that further emphasizes the importance of an independent oversight body.   Thankfully, yesterday Tampa Bay Times reported that the House prison reform bill has been amended to include prison oversight by creating five regional oversight boards.

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