Florida SB 248: Police Body Cam Footage and Public Records

Attorneys Nina Hayden and Bryant Scriven came on Florida You Judge this past week and discussed SB 248 which would create certain public record exemptions related to police body cam footage.  The bill was presented to the Governor Rick Scott on May 7, 2015.  The bill creates public record exemptions on footage taken:

  • Is taken within the interior of a private residence;
  • Is taken within the interior of a facility that offers health care, mental health care, or social services; or
  • Is taken in a place that a reasonable person would expect to be private.

Law enforcement agencies would only be required to retain the footage for 90 days.  And notwithstanding the exemptions created, law enforcement would be able to disclose the footage if done in furtherance of its “official duties and responsibilities,” and release to other governmental agencies if released in furtherance of its “official duties and responsibilities.”    

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