Florida You Judge Endorses Andrew Warren for Hillsborough County State Attorney

In 2016 this blogger supported then incumbent, Mark Ober, in his re-election campaign against Andrew Warren. This blogger fiercely challenged Warren in 2016 and followed up on the campaign pledges made to see if Warren would make good on them. He has. Not only did Warren follow through on his word on most of his pledges, but he has throughout his first term responded to this blogger in subsequent challenges, after his election win, with the utmost of professionalism and respect. Andrew Warren has proven to be a public servant worthy of the public’s confidence and trust in his mission and endeavor to well balance the public’s safety and need for criminal justice reform. For those reasons, Florida You Judge, without reservation, endorses Andrew Warren for another term.

Here is a list of highlights from Warren’s first term in office:

Prosecutorial Policies & Programs– Created Disarming Domestic Abusers initiative to take guns out of the hands of domestic abusers- Launched Adult Mental Health Court
– Launched Juvenile Mental Health Court- Created Juvenile Arrest Avoidance Program: pre-arrest juvenile civil citation program for first time misdemeanor offenses affecting ~750 kids per year- Created Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion: pre-arrest adult civil citation program for first time misdemeanor offenses affecting ~1200 adults per year- Drastically reduced use of the death penalty, limiting it to worst of worst cases (consistent with US and FL law) and not using the threat of the death penalty for leverage in plea negotiations- Created Conviction Review Unit to identify, remedy, and prevent convictions of innocent defendants- Minimized the prosecution of poverty by dismissing driving with suspended license cases where the suspension is financial-based and where D is able to obtain license- Minimized the prosecution of poverty by stopping the prosecution of failure to redeliver cases where people fell behind on payments (eg, in absence of evidence that there was fraud)- Created Reduce Impaired Driving Recividism (“RIDR”) program to enhance sanctions and improve consistency for first time DUI offenders (we won an award from MADD Florida for this)- Held multiple expungement clinics to help people with applications, especially those who can’t afford the cost; one of these clinics was specifically geared towards veterans- Embraced treatment-based approach for drug offenses- Drastically reduced direct filing of juveniles (down 77% since 2016) 
Embraced Data to Improve System– Partnered with Measures for Justice on national criminal data portal- Ongoing project with MacArthur Foundation to create data-based metrics to evaluate prosecutorial success- Partnered with Fla. Int’l University and MacArthur Foundation on groundbreaking analysis of how prosecutorial decision-making affect racial disparitiesLegislative– Supported Victims Rights Amendment and led state in implementation- Supported Amendment 4 and created process for felon rights restoration- Opposed changes to Stand Your Ground – Lobbied Congress for effective gun regulationCommunity Engagement– Held Listening Tour in 2017 with judges, defense bar, community leaders, law enforcement- Published Annual Report each year for 2017-2019- Regularly hold forums with community members and civic organizations- Created Community Council to engage members of public with our office
Administrative– Overhauled training for new ASAs- Saved $$ — we’ve balanced the budget after inheriting a nearly $2 million (!) annual deficit, all through creating operational efficiencies via attrition (eg, not filling certain staff positions), grants, etc.

Florida You Judge had an opportunity to interview Andrew Warren recently and the recorded interview can be seen below. Warren interview starts at time mark, 27:48.

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