Florida You Judge Endorses Chad Chronister for Hillsborough County Sheriff 2020

In 2016, I collaborated with community members in organizing a police / community forum in Hillsborough County to give the community and law enforcement the opportunity to discuss important issues.  When I reached out to Chad, I had never spoken to him prior to that moment, he was immediately responsive to my request in helping coordinate the event and I found my initial impression of him was that of a humble, professional, and dedicated public servant. My initial gut instinct proved to be right.  That is why Florida You Judge endorsed Chad in 2018  and since that time, Chad has continued to display the same leadership qualities Florida You Judge highlighted in that endorsement, a “fair-minded, humble, professional, and committed leader who is fully dedicated to the protection and betterment of the community he serves.”  The community in Hillsborough will be well served in voting for Chad Chronister in 2020.

Hillsborough Sheriff Chad Chronister

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