Former Tampa Chief of Police Jane Castor addresses Miami’s Community Advisory Board

This weekend Miami Herald reporter David Smiley published a scathing article on Jane Castor being behind schedule on submitting her first report due per the settlement agreement reached by the DOJ and City of Miami.  Article, Former Tampa chief Jane Castor ‘behind schedule’ as monitor of Miami’s federal policing pact”  There was immediate criticism by some to this Miami Herald piece as being unfair because Castor was not officially under contract until a few weeks ago, but FYJ was informed yesterday by a local reporter that the contract is retroactive to the initial DOJ/City of Miami settlement date.  FYJ has made a public records request for Castor’s contract.

Last night FYJ blogger Haydee Oropesa attended Miami’s Community Advisory meeting where Castor addressed the board.  It appears that a good number attending the event, including a city commissioner and an advisory board member, were not aware that the DOJ reported that under Castor’s watch her agency was burdening blacks without any criminal fighting goal benefit.  Some in attendance were not aware that Castor would be the sole monitor of this agreement entered into by the DOJ and City of Miami after spate of police shootings resulting in the deaths of 7 black men within an 8 month period.  FYJ learned that Castor was Miami’s Chief of Police, Rudy Llanes, selection out of a very short list (her and another person or two) and that DOJ agreed with Castor’s selection.  The city commission later approved Castor’s hire.

Llanes recently retired but will continue working (double dip) until next fall.  Last month Miami New Times wrote about Llanes, “Miami Police Chief knew for years about Rotting Murder Case Evidence Locker.”   Evidence in more than 500 murder cases, destroyed.  Emails and memos related to this article obtained by blogger Al Crespo raised a question about Llanes integrity and truthfulness.

Miami blogger Al Crespo, who recorded the entire meeting, wrote his impression (stinging) of Castor on his blog today

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