Hillsborough, Pinellas, & Pasco: Auto Re-elections, Qualifications, Last Termers

Tampa Bay Times: Qualifying deadline for judicial races sees numerous Tampa Bay officials re-elected 

 Last Termers (open seats in 2020 for Hillsborough/Pinellas)

TBT: McCabe, Dillinger say they’ll run in 2016, then they’re done

Pinellas State Attorney, Bernie McCabe, and Public Defender, Robert Dillinger, were re-elected without challenge.  Both have stated that they will not run in 2020.  Dillinger stated that this will be his last term because it will be “time for new blood” next election cycle.  Dillinger told Tampa Bay Times that “his top priority in a sixth term will be to push for legislation changing the way the state handles juveniles taken into custody for psychiatric evaluation under the Baker Act.”  Florida You Judge has contacted Mr. Dillinger to inquire about whether he was present in Tallahassee during this past legislative session and if so what were his efforts/focus.  FYJ has not received any response.  Should Mr. Dillinger respond, FYJ will update this post.  Hillsborough State Attorney, Mark Ober is being challenged by virtual political unknown, Andrew Warren.  Ober says if he wins, this will be his last term.



Qualified for Hillsborough Group 3 Judicial Race

Qualified for Hillsborough Group 24 Judicial Race


Qualified for Hillsborough Group 10 Judicial Race

Hillsborough Judges: Qualified without Opposition

Liz Rice

Wesley Tibbals

Chris Nash

Denise Almeida-Pomponio

Mark Kiser

Emmett Lamar Battles

Tom Barber

Artemeus McNeil

Paul Jeske

 Pinellas Judges: Qualified without Opposition

John D. Carballo

Holly T. Grissinger

Paul Levine

Kathleen T. Hessinger

Qualified for Pinellas Group 8 Judicial Race

Qualified for Pinellas Group 9 Judicial Race

Coming Soon: Did Dwight Dudley Do Diddley Darn about Duke?  Dudley does not wish to sit down for a candid online segment to address “we the people”.

Qualified for Pasco Group 4 Judicial Race

NOTE PASCO VOTERS: Judicial Candidates Michael Wilson and Scott Tremblay have agreed to participate in an online segment to address voters.  The incumbent, Judge Debra Roberts, has not responded to an invite to participate in an online segment on Florida You Judge.

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