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Pinellas County

Exemplary Judicial Officers:  Judge Pierce and Judge Overton recently went beyond the call of duty and shared their time to help as many people with suspended licenses get them reinstated.  Driver’s license reinstatement event draws crowds to church despite rains”  Tampa Bay Times  Special mention also in order to the various local agencies that collaborated, to Rep Darryl Rouson who spearheaded the project, and Mount Zion Missionary Baptist who opened its sanctuary for the event.

Judge Overton

Judge Pierce

Judge Pierce








State Attorney Bernie McCabe and Public Defender Bob Dillinger state they are running for one last term in 2016: McCabe, Dillinger say they’ll run in 2016, then they’re done, Tampa Bay Times

Hillsborough County

Another exemplary judicial officer, Circuit Judge Ralph Stoddard, “Tampa teen gun violence spurs mock trial,” Tampa Tribune  This past Friday night, Judge Stoddard and members of the criminal justice system helped set up a mock trial for Hillsborough teens to participate in to address the recent crises of teens and gun violence.

Lawyers from the Hillsborough County Public Defender’s office volunteered their time to work with the teens who were selected to participate in the mock trial.  The Hillsborough Public Defender’s office has also recently been mentioned in the news for getting involved with helping public school kids stay out of jail.  Tampa Bay Times article and Tribune article


You can’t just wring your hands and say too bad, You have to do something.” Judge Stoddard


Judge Stoddard

Judge Stoddard







Hillsborough Circuit Judge Paul Huey denies injunction to stop Uber: 10News

Coming Soon on Florida You Judge Show: Attorney Matt Weidner – settles case with Gov Rick Scott and cabinet after alleging that they violated Florida’s open meeting laws.  “Florida Gov. Rick Scott agrees to pay $700,000 to end public records lawsuit” Miami Herald

Also, Florida You Judge blogger Haydee Oropesa will interview her mom on her experience fleeing Cuba, stay tuned….



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