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Senior Judge Grube

Pinellas Senior Judge Karl Grube ordered Ricardo and Christine Lopez’s home for sale on September 3, 2014 and ruled in favor of JP Morgan in a foreclosure action. Thereafter, according to The Center for Public Integrity, it was discovered that JP Morgan foreclosed on the home even though it did not own the mortgage.

According to the CPI article, the Lopez family then asked Judge Grube for a rehearing based on this information and Judge Grube denied the request and entered a second order scheduling the sale on September 29,2014.  Lopez then obtained a letter from the new mortgage owner agreeing to a loan modification and asked Judge Thomas Minkoff to cancel the sale.  Judge Minkoff cancelled the sale.  CPI reports that Judge Grube then reversed that sale cancellation order and reinstated the sale date of September 3, 2014.  The Pinellas County Clerk online system shows that Attorney Matt Weidner  thereafter pulled out all the legal stops, he filed an appeal and stay pending appeal.  There is even an entry that reads, Def/Resp’s Motion: TO PROHIBIT SENIOR JUDGES FROM HEARING CASE. 

Judge Minkoff


Judge Thomas Minkoff cancelled the sale scheduled for September 29, 2014.  Thank goodness that the Lopez family did not have to tell the bank, “Mi Casa es Su Casa.”  Please read complete CPI article here which discusses other important issues related to foreclosure.





 Judge CampbellTampa lawyer Mark O’Brien wants to know why Judge Tharpe called the Hillsborough County jail to revoke his client’s bond even though Judge Tharpe is not the judge assigned to his client’s case.  According to TBT, Judge Lisa Campbell ruled against allowing O’Brien to depose Judge Tharpe about the matter.  TBT quoted Judge Campbell’s reason for denying O’Brien’s request:

“This area of inquiry would require Judge Tharpe to testify about his thought process,” she wrote, which “is prohibited by law.”

BTW, Does anyone have a legal cite for this?  “Judge Tharpe why did you call the jail to have a bond revoked on a case you weren’t assigned to, What were you thinking?” Objection!

O’Brien filed an appeal to the 2nd DCA.  TBT reports Judge Campbell did not “take well” to O’Brien’s decision to appeal.  Read complete article here.

Judge Tharpe

Should Judge Tharpe be Deposed?

Reaction?  FloridaYouJudge!

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