Inquiry to Hillsborough State Attorney Andrew Warren on Who He Decides Dies or Doesn’t

Tampa Bay Times: Awaiting trial six years in Ruskin murders, ice cream man finds himself short a lawyer

A story worth following and filled with issues aplenty………the parents of the ice cream man went broke (cashed in their retirement savings) according to the article paying for private representation.  Bill: $119,384

Inquiry to Hillsborough State Attorney: Mr. Warren, What is the difference between this case and the other death penalty cases that you have recently decided to not pursue further?  “Our use of the death penalty needs to be fair, consistent, and rare.”  Andrew Warren

What is the difference between Michael Keetly (accused of murdering 2) and Angel Perez (accused of murdering 3) that you base your decision to forgo death?

Fox 13 Death penalty off table for Angel Perez 

What about the difference between Keetly and  Antwoine Noland ?

Fox 13: Rena Frazier, spokesperson for the State Attorneys Office released this statement:

“We review each capitol case thoroughly to make sure we are seeking the death penalty on the most atrocious and heinous cases, considered the worst of the worst in our society. The Noland case was not one of those cases,” Frazier said.

Disclosure: Florida You Judge blogger opposes the death penalty.


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