Is Attorney Barry Cohen going to ask Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn what he will do with “Problems” in Tampa?

Barry and BobIs Barry Cohen going to ask Mayor Bob Buckhorn what he is going to do about some of the problems (according to Cohen) plaguing the local Tampa Bay area community? Cohen recently emailed a local reporter and cited some of the below points as problems.

  •  why is number of arrests of African-American kids on bicycles (recently cited) more than Jacksonville, Orlando, Miami, and St Petersburg combined.
  • gang violence, lack of dialogue between gangs and law enforcement
  • the need to reduce crime in the black community
  •  the school system and the lack of detection of potential dysfunctional misfits and getting them into therapy programs.
  • potential of explosives (figurative) in the African-American community, with the potential  of a Chicago-type episode. Mayor Rahm not very popular these days – How is Mayor Buckhorn’s popularity rating with the black community in regards to these issues?
  • high rate of recidivism (equal to adults in the system) among juveniles involved in juvenile system and the lack of prevention programs to deal with this problem
  • “the problem of our community producing a plethora of psychopaths, as children are growing up to be rapists, killers, and other menaces to society, costing families great pain, and our taxpayers numerous dollars to pay our skilled and committed law enforcement community, as well as exposing them to risks which could likely be prevented in many cases.”


Stay tuned for detailed discussion and commentary on these issues and on the candidacy of political newcomer and virtual unknown – Andrew Warren. Challenger to Hillsborough State Attorney Mark Ober not happy about collapse of federal Lifeline case he once prosecuted” 







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