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Homeless Denied Legal Representation at First Appearance in Broward County

Jaablog reported on Bob Norman’s investigative coverage of the homeless being denied legal representation during first appearance in Broward County.  *An Assistant PD can be seen on the news video coverage being asked by local Judge John Hurley to leave the courtroom for being “disruptive” when she attempted to ask that an attorney be appointed for an unrepresented homeless man.  Watch Story here.

Broward Judge Ian Richards Challenged after “Vagina Justice” Comment

Jaablog link: Browardbeat.com this week reported on a judicial race in Broward between incumbent Judge Ian Richards against challenger Claudia Robinson.  BrowardBeat.com reports that Judge Ian Richards spent $163,771 on the race compared to challenger Broward attorney Claudia Robinson who only spent  $11,609.  According to Jaablog, as of Tuesday, the race resulted in a recount.  Yesterday, Jaablog reported that the recount had challenger Robinson in the lead by 481 votes. Browardbeat.com’s Buddy Nevins covered the pending recount, read here.    According to Browardbeat.com, challenger Robinson decided to run against Judge Ian Richards after he made an in court “quip” about “vagina justice”, read here.

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