Jane Castor’s Expert Consultant Agreement w/City of Miami to Monitor DOJ/Miami Police Dept Settlement Agreement

Jane Castor’s Expert Consultant Agreement

Former Tampa chief Jane Castor ‘behind schedule’ as monitor of Miami’s federal policing pactMiami Herald

It appears that this article is not a “hit job” as some within the political circles have opined – Per this retroactive agreement, Ms. Castor is ‘behind on schedule’

Jane Castor

If there is something FYJ is missing with this perspective, then Ms. Castor (or anyone who’d like) is welcome to write info@floridayoujudge.com to weigh in and correct or bring understanding to the current record.

This agreement was entered into early March of 2016 as a result of 7 black men being killed by Miami police shootings within an 8 month period (2010-2011).  After DOJ investigated this aberration, it concluded that MPD had displayed a pattern of excessive force use.  It is unacceptable for the “monitor” of this pact between DOJ and the City of Miami Police to have signed on retroactively, Dec 7, 2016, when the first report was due back in July as to its compliance (i.e., make sure pact being followed so that no lives are unnecessarily lost through excessive force).  Is that not incredibly long to wait when it is of vital importance that this pact be “monitored?”

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