January 2017 (2nd DCA Appeal Opinions) for 6th and 13th Florida Circuits

PINELLAS/PASCO (6th Circuit)

Judge Bruce Boyer, Reversed, The Bank of New York Mellon v. Estate of James D. Peterson

Judge Thomas H. Minkoff, Affirmed in part; reversed in part; remanded.  Lucey v. 1010 Logic


HILLSBOROUGH (13th Circuit)

Judge Samantha L. Ward , Petition for Writ DeniedState v. Gonzalez

Judge Mark R. Wolfe, Petition for Writ Granted in part; denied in part; St Joseph’s Hospital v. Jane Doe

Senior Judges, Raul C. Palomino,  Jr., and Wayne S. Timmerman, Affirmed in part and dismissed in part.  Whitburn v. Bank of America 
Judge Paul L. Huey, Dismissed,  Gaffney v. Baumann


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