Judge Caroline Tesche Sentences Peter Barnhill to 10 Years Prison followed by 15 Years Probation

by Haydee Oropesa

Peter Barnhill, who was originally sentenced to 22 years prison, was re-sentenced this morning to 10 years prison followed by 15 years probation.  Judge Chet Tharpe originally sentenced Barnhill but was later reversed by the 2nd DCA  for applying the wrong sentencing standard.  Michael Maddux represented Barnhill and did an amazing job advocating zealously on behalf of his client.  I am currently co-counseling with Michael on a civil rights case  against Largo Police Department and I have been immensely impressed with his lawyering skills, acumen, and the very real compassion he displays.  Michael Maddux is not just interested in the greenback but in making a real change in the system and for that you have nothing but my utmost respect.  Congrats on a job well done.

Kudos are also in order for Judge Caroline Tesche.  No doubt that these types of cases pose an enormous weight on jurists in having to balance out the interests of protecting society against attempting to mete out a proportional measure of punishment.  If you read the 2nd DCA opinion and all the mitigating factors referenced in the opinion it appears that Judge Tesche fulfilled her responsiblity to “we the people” and achieved that goal.

Judge Caroline Tesche
Judge Caroline Tesche
Represented Peter Barnhill


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