Judicial Candidate Robin Fuson Falls About the Place (Video)

By Haydee Oropesa

Hillsborough judicial candidate Robin Fuson recently posted video footage on his facebook page which captured him falling while walking into the courthouse entrance. When I saw it (replayed it a couple of times…he he) on his timeline I enjoyed myself a good laugh. Says something good about him that he can share that and poke fun at himself.  Although, I do think this is one of the most stylistic and near perfect falls I’ve ever seen. He gets a 10.  Robin is running for Hillsborough circuit seat group 25.  I’ve known Robin for a significant time now and like him lots. Robin is very affable, laid back, and even-tempered. He has vast experience (24 years practicing) as he has practiced as a former prosecutor and currently as a defense attorney.  I endorse Robin Fuson for Circuit Judge Group 25.  Read more about Robin on his campaign Facebook page.

Author: admin