Liberty Underground Interview: My Encounter with Mike Fasano

I stumbled upon this 2013 interview in my audio archives recently (see below) and thought back at my first time experience in dealing with a few Florida lawmakers.  Sorely dissapointed.  Mainstream media did not think the matter was “newsworthy” and I did not have a blog at the time to get the word out.  Fortunately, some fine folks from the Libertarian Party gave me a forum to discuss this experience with anyone who cared to listen regarding my encounter with those who asked for my vote so they could “represent” me up in Tally.

I had the opportunity of meeting Alex Snitker at a political event in Pinellas that my mom twisted my arm into attending (my mom is a political news junkie).  Alex ran against Marcio Rubio but was excluded from the candidate debates.  Watch Alex in action, a sight to see.  Although I am not a registered Libertarian (I will soon be renouncing my Republican party affiliation – my mom has already bounced back from a major conniption- and registering Independent) I will always remember the kind gesture from Alex Snitker and Danielle Alexandre in having me on their show.  These people will get behind the right cause regardless of what party you belong to or your political ideology, that is the way it should be.

On a positive tip, although my encounter with Fasano was not ideal, I do admire his reputation for being principled regardless of going against his own party.  Fasano was also one of the sponsor’s of Rachel’s law  and his effort in bringing reform to law enforcement’s confidential informant system of doing business is appreciated by this Floridian.  I have no hard feelings towards Fasano and would support him in any endeavor undertaken by him that would benefit the citizenry. ( BTW, I was able to get individualized water meters in my community).

The Florida Bar has an excellent legistlation page where you can track pending legislation and follow what our lawmakers are doing for “we the people”

Also check out the 1787 Liberty Underground site for legislative updates.





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