Local Attorney, John McAvoy, Meeting with Pinellas Clerk Ken Burke about New Odyssey System

Ken Burke


Local criminal defense attorney John McAvoy has asked to meet with Pinellas County Clerk of Court, Ken Burke, to inquire why private attorneys are not granted the same access to the new Odyssey system as Prosecutors, Public Defenders, and Regional Conflict Counsel.  McAvoy will be meeting with our elected Clerk  on October 7 at 10:00 to discuss this issue.


Paula O’Neil


Speaking of County Clerks, recently I ran into an Efile obstacle and emailed Pasco County’s elected Clerk, Paula O’Neil.  The response time and handling of the matter could not have been addressed quicker, with more professionalism, and better service.  If that is any indication of how generally the clerk’s office serves its residents, voters should be extremely pleased.



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