Meeting with Tampa Councilman Frank Reddick on Police Civilian Review Board






This morning I had the pleasure of meeting and speaking with Tampa councilman Frank Reddick.  I was interested in chatting with him about his efforts to bring to Tampa an independant police Civilian Review Board.  It’s a long overdue and phenomenal idea and I can’t understand why it hasn’t occurred already.  Miami has one.  So does, Key West, Orlando, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers , and Naples.

Mayor Buckhorn
Mayor Buckhorn
Councilman Reddick
Councilman Reddick







Who Has the Power?

According to the Tampa Bay Times, Mayor Bob Buckhorn expects that the Tampa city attorney, Julia Mandell, will soon issue an opinion that the decision to create a police Civilian Review Board rests with the mayor, NOT the city council.  Mayor Buckhorn does not think the city council has the power to create such an entity.  “It’s our interpretation that the charter does not give City Council the authority to do this,” he said. “We think the charter’s very clear on that.”  Councilman Reddick is quoted in the TBT article as saying, “Buckhorn should stop worrying about who has the authority and focus on finding a way to “give citizens an independent voice.”

There will be a meeting at city hall to discuss these issues:

Tampa City Hall on September 3, 2015  at 9:00am

315 E Kennedy Blvd, 3rd Floor

Discussion on Florida You Judge coming soon (Criminal Defense and Civil Rights attorney Michael Maddux will weigh in)


Special song dedication goes out to Tampa’s Mayor


This oldie but goldie goes out to the fine citizens (salt of the earth) who are rising up and rightfully calling for independent oversight over a law enforcement agency that they financially fund.






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