Miami Commissioner Carollo: Credits Activist/Blogger Al Crespo with Providing Evidence Sufficient to Convince Him on What Changes Need to Happen

Very beginning of the city of Miami commission meeting (video below):

Miami Commissioner FRANK COROLLO:

“this item is to have a thorough conversation on the findings of the deteriorated police storage units” (Miami police knew for years that homicide evidence container was rotting )

“including the allegations of guns missing from the police storage”(Miami police turn investigation of missing guns over to state)

” and I have to tell you I just can’t fathom that a major city like the city of Miami this could actually happen but we need to bring some type of accountability to this. I can tell you this in the private sector heads would roll, however I have to stipulate that I have been strongly advised by the city attorney that having this conversation here in the public may be detrimental to the city of Miami and its residents because of the legal ramifications  not to mention that there is an active CIP investigation.  Now to be honest with you, I have seen enough and I will thank Mr. Crespo ah I have seen sufficient documents through his blog that I don’t need a long drawn out discussion to make my own determination on what changes need to happen….”

A motion is later made to fire the city manager,(watch video below)

Congratulations Mr. Crespo on your activism/blogging.  I tip my hat off to you Sir.


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