November 2016 (2nd DCA Appeal Opinions) for 6th and 13th Florida Circuits

PINELLAS/PASCO (6th Circuit)

Judge Jack R. St. Arnold, affirmed and reversed on one issue, ZURRO v. WELLS FARGO BANK, N.A.

Judge Pamela A.M. Campbell, reversedState Farm v. Bailey and Finnegan

Judge Phillip J. Federico, reversed, Perreault v. State

Judges Jack Day and Amy Williams,  Affirmed; remanded with instructions, BOULDER VENTURE SOUTH v. SABOW

Judge Alicia Polk, reversedOCWEN LOAN SERVICING v. OSMUNDSEN

Judge Mary Handsel, affirmedState v. Tumlinson

Judge Patrice W. Moore, reversed, F.C. v. State

Judge Thane Covert, reversed, Heare v. State

Judge  Susan L. Barthle, reversed, McKAY v. McELHINEY

Judge J. Thomas McGrady, Affirmed; remanded with directions Marin v. State

HILLSBOROUGH (13th Circuit)

Judges Caroline J. Tesche and Thomas Barber, affirmed, Lavender v. State of Florida

Judge Vivian Corvo, affirmed, Florida v. Jones

Judge William Fuente, affirmed, Williams v. State

Judge Elizabeth Rice, reversed, David Gee, Hillsborough County Sheriff v. Grantland and Cantrell

Judge Gregory Holder, affirmed and reversed on one issue, Austin v. State

Judge Mark D. Kiser, affirmed,  Shelton v. Bank of New York Mellon

Judge Charles Bergmann, reversed, 743 MAHONE v. MDC 5

Judge Martha Cook, reversed, ANDUJAR-RUIZ v. State

Judge Ralph C. Stoddard, affirmed in part; reversed in part,  J.C. v. State

Judge Barbara Twine-Thomas, affirmed in part, reversed in partC.W. v. State

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