Pasco County Deputy Brent Taber Intolerant of People


For the rating period of 2013-2014 Pasco Deputy Brent Taber’s  Supervisor’s recommendations for performance:

” I have received some minor complaints from citizens of their perception that Deputy Taber seemed to be condescending towards them.  Deputy Taber will  continue to be aware of his demeanor when dealing with citizens.”

Deputy Taber’s own self evaluation for rating period of 7/27/2012 to 07/27/2013:

” I tend to be intolerant of people that express, what I deem as, self-entitlement or those who attempt to make known uninformed opinions about my job in law enforcement.  I recently spoke a veteran with years of experience in law enforcement and asked him how I could handle my intolerance of people.”

2011 Internal Affairs Investigation on Deputy Taber

Internal Investigation  Complaint No: IA 11-149  Date received: 07/14/2011  Allegations against the captioned employee:   Commission of a Misdemeanor –  – Unsubstantiated – Jun 07, 2011  26.1 –  – Unsubstantiated – Jun 07, 2011  D.2 –  – Unsubstantiated – Jun 07, 2011  Summary:   It is alleged that on Feb. 14th 2011 Dep Brent Taber knowingly and willfully provided false information while being questioned during a criminal investigation with intent to mislead or impede Robert Grady that he (Taber) did not display his agency firearm related to Offense/Incident 11-9505. Deputy Taber later confessed to Detective Grady that he did in fact display his agency firearm.

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Deputy needs help with his people intolerance
Deputy Taber: Intolerant of People

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