Pinellas Sheriff Gualtieri Does Not Take Kindly to Snake Snitches

This weekend Bay News 9 reported that Pinellas Sheriff Gualtieri has made the public aware of a confidential informant (“CI”) used by his agency that had been setting up fake drug deals.  Read story here.  Sheriff Gualtieri last year displayed good character in setting a policy of not publishing booking photos of arrestees in order to prevent private companies from charging the arrestees money to take their photos off the websites.  Read article here.  Therefore, if you are arrested in Pinellas rest assured that our good Sheriff will, to the extent the law allows, do all to keep your mug shot off the internet.  Not so if you are a loathsome snitch.

“Quite honestly, that’s one of the reasons I’m naming him. The message needs to be sent,” Gualtieri said. “You want to cooperate with law enforcement that’s fine. We want to get these drugs off the street but if you want to play games, we’ll play.”  Bay News 9

According to Bay News 9 Sheriff Gualtieri said that he wanted the public to know that his office will not protect a bad CI.  Gualtieri also told Bay News 9 that should the CI bond out he would not be under any protection.

“When you’re dealing with informants, you’re dealing with bad people and they do bad things” Sheriff Gualtieri


All hope is not lost.  A law enforcement agency leader that will not keep bad CI work “confidential” and will expose it and clean up the mess by way of refusing to make arrests on pending cases related to that CI and asking the State Attorney’s office to drop the ones where arrests have taken place.  Good job Sheriff!


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