Polk County Judge Susan Flood: Reprimanded by Supreme Court for Inappropriate Relationship with Bailiff

The Ledger: Court: Publicly Reprimand Polk County’s Judge Susan Barber Flood

Supreme Court Opinion

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Former Polk County Judicial Assistant, Alicia Rupp, first accused Judge Flood of engaging in sex with a Bailiff in chambers (even claimed she was threatened by the Judge and the Bailiff after she allegedly caught them getting jiggy with it, read here.)

Thereafter,  the Rupp recanted and said she made up the allegations, read here, Watch the news video which includes excerpts of the Judge’s deposition (Judge Flood admits she is “attached” to bailiff and that she kissed him but not “passionately”).

Alica Rupp, former Judge Harlan’s judicial assistant, was later arrested for fudging time sheets, read here.  Former Judge Beth Harlan was also arrested, read here.  The Polk County State Attorney’s office dropped the charges against Harlan in exchange for her resignation, read here.

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