Pam Bondi’s Endorsement of Donald Trump, Not a Surprise

Tampa Bay Times: Old questions resurface as Attorney General Pam Bondi endorses Donald Trump

Donald Trump Makes $25K Contribution to Pam Bondi’s Campaign, Even Though Pam Bondi Should Be Investigating Him – Miami New Times

TBO: Bondi’s Endorsement of Trump was a slap in the face to Jeb Bush

“Endorsing the man who belittled, mocked and trashed the “hands-on man we need to run our country” just because it looks like he’s going to win the nomination is graduate-level expediency. It’s also what we’ve come to expect from say-anything-to-anybody politicians.” TBO, Joe Henderson’s take on Bondi’s endorsement of Trump after she glowingly endorsed Bush as the “hands-on man” for the job as president.


BONDI Likes to Have FUNdraisers


The NEW YORK TIMES: Pam Bondi and Dickstein: A Mutually Beneficial Relationship

Orlando Sentinel: Bondi named in pay-to-look-away scandal

TBT: Complaint: D.C. law firm illegally lobbied Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi 

TBT: Pam Bondi’s Clearwater fundraiser organized by Scientologists 

TBT: Execution rescheduled to accommodate Pam Bondi fundraiser


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