Response from Hillsborough State Attorney’s Office on Michael Keetly/Capital Punishment Decision

Hillsborough County  State Attorney’s office’s response to an inquiry earlier today by Florida You Judge on Michael Keetly’s case as it regards the government’s decision on whether to pursue the death penalty.  The continued coverage by this blog stems from TBT reporter Dan Sullivan’s article published on Friday, Awaiting trial six years in Ruskin murders, ice cream man finds himself short a lawyerThis is just one question of the many arising out of this story covered by Dan Sullivan.

Florida You Judge’s inquiry can be read here.

Hillsborough State Attorney’s response on whether they will continue to pursue the death penalty on Michael Keetly (Rena Frazier, the office’s Chief of Policy and Communication issued the response):

Ms. Oropesa,

        Thank you for your inquiry.  We are reviewing each capital punishment case, including new cases, existing cases, and those returning to our office for resentencing under the Hurst decision.  Each case review is thorough and takes significant time, thus the office is prioritizing cases for review based on several factors, including proximate trial dates and court deadlines.  The office has not yet reviewed the capital punishment decision in Michael Keetley’s case.  When the case is reviewed, we will apply the standard that this office applies in all cases eligible for capital punishment — whether the crime is so heinous, atrocious, and undeserving of mercy as to be considered the worst of the worst in our society.

        For your convenience, below are a couple of public statements that Mr. Warren has made regarding the death penalty:

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