Richard DeLisi: Set free after 31 years in prison for marijuana crimes

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LIVE BROADCAST this Thursday @ 6:00PM (live on Florida You Judge’s FB and YouTube pages) with attorneys A. Wellington “Al” Barlow, CEO Technologies for Justice, Inc. and Elizabeth Buchanan. Attorney Barlow was instrumental with the creation of ESAS (Equity in Sentencing Analysis System, a software created to remedy disparate sentences.

Attorney Buchanan, who is DeLisi’s lead local counsel, will discuss Delisi’s case and how she used ESAS to show how his sentence was significantly disparate in comparison to other similary situated cases.

“The system needs to change”: Man who spent three decades in prison for selling marijuana hopes to help other inmates” CBS NEWS (Video included)

“Today we celebrate Richard DeLisi’s release, but tomorrow we go back to work because in our state and in our country there are thousands of Richard DeLisis,” attorney Elizabeth Buchanan told WPEC.

The Ledger’s coverage on the story referenced ESAS, “Release sought for country’s longest-serving marijuana convict sentenced in Polk”

“As part of its advocacy for Richard DeLisi, The Last Prisoner Project compared his sentence to those of others with similar convictions. The organization drew upon the Equity in Sentencing Analysis System (ESAS), a database created by lawyer A. Wellington Barlow that uses more than 2 million records from the Florida Department of Corrections.”

The Ledger’s coverage also included an interview of Barlow a few years ago on FloridaYouJudge.

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