Robin Fuson’s judicial campaign manager, Mark Proctor, responds to Jamey Moody’s seeming campaign smear attack


Proctor reacted to Moody’s negative campaign AD in a facebook post.






Robin Fuson is a judicial candidate who is running for a Hillsborough County circuit court seat, group 25.  Fuson has received various endorsements, among them, one by the Tampa Bay Times. Jamey Moody, the other candidate in this race, ran a negative commercial AD against Fuson this week.  Local investigative reporter Steve Andrews from Tampa Bay news channel 8 ran a story about an alleged incident that happened 38 years ago based on “a report” from the Hillsborough County Public Schools where Fuson was a substitute teacher, after Moody ran a negative campaign AD against Fuson this week.   The AD points to a 38 year old termination letter, based on an uninvestigated report, to make a case that Fuson, while acting as a substitute teacher, allowed kids to watch a porno film and did nothing to stop them.  Fuson has adamantly denied this allegation and has been forthcoming and open in speaking to various news outlets about his account of what actually happened.  The Tampa Bay Times, the channel 8 story confirms, knew about this allegation prior to their endorsement of Fuson.   The AD appears to be an attempt to seemingly smear Fuson just a few weeks before the November 6, 2018 election.  The channel 8 news story video can be seen here.


Florida You Judge invited both Fuson and Moody to discuss this story for the benefit of the voters.  Fuson made himself immediately available to answer questions on camera. (Please see video below).  Moody did not similarly make himself available to discuss his campaign’s AD. Moody has an open invitation to schedule an online interview about this story with FYJ anytime before the Nov 6, 2018 election.


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