St Petersburg Woman Wrongfully Arrested: Guest Attorney Joe Episcopo Weighs In

Tampa Bay Times reported last week on a St Petersburg woman, Carleen Tetreault, who recently was wrongfully arrested by St. Petersburg police.  Ms. Tetreault, who had been recently discharged from the hospital, was wearing a hospital wrist band with her correct name.  Based on news reports, it appears law enforcement were seeking a woman with a different name.  Tampa’s 10 News also reported on this story. Tampa bay area attorney, Joe Episcopo, came on Florida You Judge and weighed in.


Next Week on Florida You Judge: Attorney Donald Harrison will be weighing in on follow up reports on the drug field presumptive test by Fox News 13 Gloria Gomez and will also discuss the upcoming Tampa trial of a family charged with culpable negligence manslaughter for allowing their wife/mother to die at home.  Tampa Bay Times covered the story.

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