State Attorney Candidate Andrew Warren Ignores FYJ Camera & Serious Questions



Yesterday Florida You Judge (FYJ) had a brief opportunity to interact with Hillsborough candidate, Andrew Warren, who is seeking to be the next State Attorney.  Warren ignored FYJ’s earnest effort to have him answer to whether he may have recently prosecuted 3 innocent men in one of the last federal cases he prosecuted  on camera.  Read more here about articles related to federal case and see video above.  FYJ  also asked Warren why he made a public records request for this blogger’s emails to the State Attorney’s office in reaction to her criticism of his handling of this federal case.  (Blogger’s criticism on St. Petersburg Blog Article by Mitch Perry).  Should Warren’s behavior be likened to Mycarthyism/J. Edgar Hooverism?  Will Warren seek to gather information on any member of the public who challenges him or raises any questions about his administration should he be elected to be Hillsborough’s next State Attorney?

Mr. Warren, why won’t you participate in a one on one with this blogger to answer questions?  Don’t you think voters would benefit from hearing you explain what happened with this case you left to run for State Attorney?  One of the questions would be, did you prosecute 3 innocent men without any evidence?  You recently accused this blogger of being untruthful without any evidence, is that how you will undertake to run the State Attorney’s office?  Charging people with crimes without any supporting evidence?  Another question would be, the 13 criminal counts you filed against 3 men were dismissed, why do you persist in labeling these men “guilty”?  If you were elected would you continue to label individuals guilty who have been found not so by our system of justice?  Why do you think it’s not a big deal that you were rebuked by a federal judge for not following a federal rule?  Is that the type of attitude that you have towards set rules in place that govern our justice system?   If you are not well versed nor followed a rule in the federal system you practiced in for about 10 years why should Hillsborough County voters have any confidence in you operating in the state system that you have zero experience in?

Why were you focused on another job and not the one the taxpayers were paying you to do as a federal prosecutor?  Why were you not focusing on the federal case that eventually fizzled when you left it to seek office instead of asking for a recess last August to attend an event to enrich your political aspirations of being State Attorney while this federal case was scheduled for trial?   Oh Warren you got some splainin to do.  Maybe a Warren Commission to investigate these questions?

Mr. Warren, in case you are wondering, I am am not now or ever been a member of the communist party.


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