Straz AD charges Jane Castor with wanting to Double Dip at tax payer expense

FLORIDA POLITICS: David Straz slams Jane Castor for ‘double-dipping’ in latest TV spot



In the AD, Straz pledges not to take a salary ($160K) if elected as mayor.  The AD also states that Straz wants to get rid of waste and inefficiency in the city and its budget.  The Tampa Bay Times  (TBT)’s piece on this issue has a quote by Jane stating that she wouldn’t take a salary either if she drove a Bentley.  Maybe Jane would be able to drive a Bentley if she had the know how to make it in the private sector instead of having to work her whole life making a living at tax payer expense.  Straz in comparison has experience and has been successful in the finance world.  The good book says, a laborer is worthy of his/her wages.  Should Jane hate on someone who has been over the top generous in philanthropic contributions to Tampa?  Even Mayor Bob Buckhorn was as generous as Straz in his praise for him.  Read here.  In 2015 Jane started a private enterprise (also done at tax payer expense and questionable whether the tax payer is getting the best bang for their hard earned buck), a consulting firm, Castor Consulting, and was caught not doing her job by the Miami Herald.   In addition to the issue of not timely doing her work on a tax payer funded project, there are also serious questions surrounding the questionable modification of Jane’s contract that she used as an excuse once the Miami Herald reported that Jane was behind schedule on her work.

The TBT piece, although irrelevant, made mention about Straz’s former support (he has since disavowed) of president Trump.  What TBT’s piece does not mention is that Jane Castor’s paramour, Ana Cruz, is working for a PRO TRUMP lobbying firm. Ana Cruz heads this firm out of Tampa.  Read here: Jane, Republican or Democrat?



Ana Cruz, Jane’s partner, works for PRO TRUMP lobbying firm

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